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About Us

We were the first and continue to be the best.

The UO DIBELS Data System has been used in over 15,000 schools.

Quick Facts

The UO DIBELS Data System was developed and is maintained by education experts at the University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning.

We were THE FIRST web-based data system to support the DIBELS measures.

We are a not-for-profit domain organized around successful student evaluation.

The UO DIBELS Data System supports educators across the U.S. and internationally.

Educators have trusted the DIBELS Data System for over 14 years.

Your data are protected at the highest level, by the University of Oregon's Institutional Review Board.

We reinvest 100% of revenues back into research and customer support.

Information about the Center on Teaching and Learning and the UO DIBELS Data System.


Narrator: The Center on Teaching and Learning, or CTL, a not-for-profit research center at the University of Oregon is the home of the DIBELS Data System.

Scott K. Baker Ph.D., CTL Associate Director: The Center on Teaching and Learning is the largest center in the College of Education at the University of Oregon and our mission is to conduct education research and to translate that research into effective practices for schools.

Edward J. Kame'enui Ph.D., CTL Director, Dean-Knight Professor: Every dollar that schools pay for the data system goes back into the data system.

Dr. Baker: To improve the system, to develop new measures, and to provide better services for kids.

Narrator: The DIBELS Data System, or DDS, was the first web-based system of its kind and is now used by 20% of the nation’s elementary schools. The DDS is the leading online system for utilizing the DIBELS assessment data.

Dr. Kame’enui: Teachers can enter students’ data into a web-based system, and by doing so they get reports. Those reports are generated instantly, teachers use those reports to make decisions about kids’ instruction, about their reading ability, and the kind of instruction they need.

Narrator: Improvement to the DDS comes from rigorous technical evaluations of DDS data and feedback from users. CTL conducts its own research and then receives independent external reviews from leading researchers at other universities. For additional information please explore our website or call us at 1-(888)-497-4290.

Our History

We are proud of our prominent history as a not-for-profit data system founded and established in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. A unique feature of our history is that we were THE FIRST web-based data system to support the DIBELS measures and one of the first data systems designed to facilitate the use of quick, easy-to-administer assessments with high utility for instructional decision-making.

As we look toward the future, we are excited about continuing our research and service in data-based assessment and decision making. However, we are equally excited about expanding our services to capitalize on our long-standing legacy of designing and delivering effective research-based instructional interventions in reading, mathematics, science, and other academic topics.

The DIBELS Data System (DDS) was developed at the University of Oregon. Initially, the DDS accommodated a few DIBELS screening measures for students in kindergarten through grade 3 with limited reporting capabilities. The DDS now accommodates DIBELS progress monitoring data in addition to screening data for all DIBELS measures in kindergarten through grade 6, for both DIBELS Next and DIBELS 6th Edition, with a variety of reports available to assist educators with instructional decision-making.

In addition to providing a data entry and reporting system for DIBELS measures, the DDS now also accommodates screening and progress monitoring for Indicadores Dinámicos del Éxito en la Lectura (IDEL) the Spanish version of the DIBELS measures, in kindergarten through grade 3; easyCBM math measures for kindergarten through grade 6; and an additional outcome measure of the school's choice.

Originally serving only a handful of schools, the DIBELS Data System now provides services to thousands of schools across the U.S. and in all 50 states, and internationally. In the process of growing both the services offered and the number of schools we serve, we have also expanded our DDS team. Our current team is comprised of approximately two-dozen members who provide customer support, software application development, research analysis, and leadership for the DDS.

As part of the University of Oregon, we receive valuable input and guidance from College of Education faculty with long and successful research careers in reading, math, assessment, instructional interventions, computer science, and policy analysis. The DIBELS Data System also provides a rich teaching environment for graduate students at the University of Oregon who have long been involved in measurement development and technical assistance for DDS schools. Graduate students and College of Education faculty remain a cornerstone of the difference between the DDS and the for-profit data warehouses.

Little Red School House (UO Education Annex) - Our original location

Our Customers

The UO DIBELS Data System supports educators across the U.S. and internationally. We work with teachers, school psychologists and support staff, principals, district personnel, superintendents, project coordinators, and state departments of education.  We have information for customers at every level and will work with you individually to provide the resources and support that you need.

We value the close relationships we have with customers and use customer feedback and suggestions to continually improve the services we offer.

Educators have trusted the DIBELS Data System for 14 years. We look forward to continuing those relationships, building new ones, and providing high-quality, data-based support for schools and students far into the future.

The UO DIBELS Data System Website also serves as a resource for free information such as: research papers, training modules and DIBELS Testing Materials Download. Providing these free resources is part of our mission as a not-for-profit organization.

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Meet the Team

UO DIBELS Data System services are the result of a close collaboration between educational researchers, technical experts, and the most helpful customer support staff you'll ever find.


Photo of Edward J. Kame'enui

Edward J. Kame'enui, Ph.D.
Co-Director, CTL

Photo of Hank Fien

Hank Fien, Ph.D.
Co-Director, CTL

Photo of Jeanie Mercier-Smith

Jeanie Mercier-Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Director, CTL


Software Development

Photo of Louie Byers

Louie Byers

Photo of Kimberly Griggs

Kimberly Griggs
Digital Content Coordinator

Photo of Susan McEvoy

Susan McEvoy

Photo of Jeff Ness

Jeff Ness

Photo of Scott McCammon

Scott McCammon
Software Development Manager

Photo of Tanya Sheehan

Tanya Sheehan
Quality Assurance Manager


Customer Support

Photo of Debbey Hall

Debbey Hall
Technical Support Specialist

Tessa Pierce
Technical Support Specialist

Photo of Sherri Pinkerton

Sherri Pinkerton
Billing Specialist

Photo of David Larsen

David Larsen
Technical Support Specialist

Photo of Maureen Warman

Maureen Warman
Data System Manager