The DIBELS comprehension task, called Maze in DIBELS 8th Edition and formerly Daze in DIBELS Next, is a group-administered measure of reading comprehension.  Students are asked to read a passage silently. In the passage, every seventh word (approximately) is blank, with a maze of options (i.e., three possible word choices for the blank). One of the words in the maze is always correct, and the other two are incorrect. Maze requires students to choose the correct word as they read the passage. Students are given three minutes to work on this task. The score is the number of correct words circled minus half of the number of incorrect words circled. The maze measure is group administered takes about 5 minutes to complete. For DIBELS 8th Edition there are 6 alternate forms for progress monitoring. For DIBELS Next there are 20 alternate forms for progress monitoring.

Maze is administered in 2nd Grade through 8th Grade. Daze is administered in 3rd Grade through 6th Grade. See the DIBELS administration timeline for complete information.

For technical information about the Daze measure, see the National Center for Intensive Intervention.

How does Maze link to the Big Ideas in Beginning Reading?

Maze is a measure that assesses reading fluency and reading comprehension. Maze is a reading fluency task in that student responses are timed for three minutes, and the stronger a reader the student is, the more maze items they will encounter in that three minute timing. Maze is also an indicator of reading comprehension, as completing the maze task requires students to understand what they are reading.

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