DIBELS Word Use Fluency (WUF)

The DIBELS Word Use Fluency (WUF) measure is an individually administered test of vocabulary and oral language. WUF is intended for most children from fall of kindergarten through third grade. A benchmark goal is not provided for WUF because additional research is needed to establish its linkage to other big ideas of literacy (phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, and accuracy and fluency with connected text). WUF takes approximately 2 minutes to administer and has 20 alternate forms per grade for progress monitoring.

WUF is administered in Kindergarten and 3rd grade. See the DIBELS administration timeline for complete information.

For technical information about the WUF measure see our technical technical reports.

How does WUF link to the Big Ideas in Beginning Reading?

Word Use Fluency assesses a student's expressive Vocabulary skills. Expressive vocabulary is the ability to use words to convey a specific meaning for a particular label or word.

To learn more, visit the Big Ideas in Beginning Reading website.