IDEL Fluidez en el Uso de las Palabras

Description of the FUP Measure

Fluidez en el Uso de las Palabras (FUP) is intended for most children from fall of kindergarten through third grade. A benchmark goal is not provided for FUP because additional research is needed to establish its linkage to other big ideas of early literacy (phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, and accuracy and fluency with connected text). Tentatively, students in the lowest 20 percent of a school district using local norms should be considered at risk for poor language and reading outcomes, and those between the 20th percentile and 40th percentile should be considered at some risk.

Fluidez en el Uso de las Palabras is a standardized, individually-administered test of a student's ability to provide a sentence or a definition of a particular word outside of context. The examiner asks students to verbally use a word they hear in an utterance (e.g., oír, aquel, cajas). For example, if the examiner says "oír", the student could say: "Me gusta oír el croar de las ranas en el estanque." If the child changes the tense, number, or parts of speech of the stimulus word, but uses it correctly in an utterance, it is scored as correct (e.g., En las noches oigo el ruido de las ranas.). The examiner counts the number of words the child produces in an utterance using the stimulus word. The examiner continues presenting words for 1 minute. The final score is the total number of words in each correct utterance.

Technical Adequacy of the FUP Measure

More research is needed to determine the technical adequacy of the FUP measure.

How does the FUP measure link to DIBELS?

Fluidez en el Uso de las Palabras is similar to the DIBELS Word Use Fluency measure.

How does the FUP measure link to the Big Ideas in Beginning Reading?

Like the DIBELS Word Use Fluency measure, FUP assesses a student's expressive vocabulary and oral language skills. Expressive vocabulary is the ability of a speaker or writer to produce a specific meaning for a particular label or word.

To learn more about vocabulary, visit the Big Ideas in Beginning Reading: Vocabulary pages.

What are the benchmark goals for the FUP measure?

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