Testing Materials

DIBELS 8th Edition, DIBELS 6th Edition & IDEL

DIBELS and IDEL assessments are individually administered. Printing of materials is required. When using HiFi Reading, only student materials are required.

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DIBELS 8th Edition Printed Kits

Printed DIBELS 8 Material Kits for 2021-2022 are now available for purchase through Amplify's e-commerce page. Student Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Books are printed in black and white with a color cover.


Note that the DIBELS Next materials are now called Acadience™ Reading. The materials are the same, the only change is to the name. You can enter Acadience Reading scores into your DIBELS Data System account as DIBELS Next scores. View FAQs about DIBELS Next/Acadience™ Reading.

To download the DIBELS Next Measures, please visit: https://acadiencelearning.org/reading/downloadsignup.php

Acadience™ Reading is a registered trademark of Dynamic Measurement Group.

easyCBM Math

easyCBM Math is a computer-based assessment. Online administration is recommended and requires no printing of materials. For your convenience we also provide paper-based administration and data entry in cases where online administration is not feasible.

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easyCBM Reading

easyCBM Reading assessments are group administered (online) and individually administered (paper and pencil). Printing of materials is required for the individually administered measures. If online assessment is not feasible for group measures (Vocabulary, MCRC and CCSS Reading) there are paper-based materials for your convenience.

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Proper Use

Assessment materials should not be used for student practice or coaching. Practice and coaching on the materials will invalidate the results. DIBELS and easyCBM should never be used to grade students. They are intended to be used to identify students who need additional instructional support.


Materials Download Educational Use Agreement

DIBELSĀ® assessment tools and materials downloadable from this website (the "DIBELS Materials") are available to the educational entities listed below solely under the following conditions: Your use is not intended to and does not place the DIBELS Materials in the public domain. Schools, school districts and multi-district agencies may use the DIBELS Materials solely for internal educational use. No DIBELS Materials may be sold. DIBELSĀ® is a trademark of the University of Oregon. No rights to modify DIBELS Materials or use of the trademark are granted except as agreed to in advance and in writing.

CTL is working with its development partner, Amplify (amplify.com), to launch DIBELS 8th Edition administration through mobile devices (phones and tablets) as well as computers. The PDF of DIBELS 8th Edition currently provided is for your use in pencil and paper or as a static PDF on your electronic devices. The DIBELS Materials are made available as a research courtesy "as is" with no representations or warranties. Your use of the DIBELS Materials is at your sole risk.