easyCBM Math Testing Instruction

Account set-up and administration

To use either version easyCBM Math (CCSS or Focal Points), a district level user will first need to turn on the desired version from the Manage Products page. Students must be rostered in a class in your DDS account to take the easyCBM Math assessment. Each class has a class code and each student will get a personal code. The two codes are used to access the secure testing site. The easyCBM Math Quick Start Guide has complete steps for setting up your account for math assessment.

Students can use scratch paper during the assessment; however, calculators are not allowed. Accommodations listed on a student’s IEP can be used during easyCBM CCSS Math and easyCBM Focal Points Math testing. It is also an acceptable accommodation for an adult to use the mouse to click answers if the student is unable to do this on their own. The Kindergarten and 1st grade test also includes a read aloud feature. Testing is not timed.

Example testing script

“You are going to be taking a math test on the computer. Some of the questions you will probably figure out fairly quickly. Others, may be harder for you. Please try your hardest on each question. You can use scratch paper to work out the answers if you would like. If there is a word on the test that you don't know how to read, you can ask me to read it for you, but I won't be able to tell you what anything means on the test or to explain to you how to figure out any of the math problems. Just try your hardest on each of the problems."