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Easy to use features to enable quick transitions from testing to teaching.

  • Data System accounts are organized by district. One person serves as the district coordinator and can set up participating schools, create new users, and assign school coordinators to each school.
  • Class names, student records, and assessment scores can be managed at the district, school, or class level. The system is flexible to meet the needs of each district.
  • Four levels of user account access (District, School, Class, and Project) allow each user to access appropriate data while protecting the confidentiality of student information. For example, a class-level user can only access student data for classes to which they are specifically assigned.
  • Users can optionally be marked as "read-only," which allows viewing data and reports but not data entry or administration.
  • Import tools allow users to quickly upload classroom and student records from another database or student system.
  • Student records are grouped into primary classrooms with the option to assign them to an additional reading group and an additional math group.
  • Learn more about administration features in our Account Features Video

For more information, please see the complete description of the DIBELS Data System.