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Data Entry

Using data to make decisions for students, EACH and ALL.

Benchmark Assessments

Student being assessed.

Full support of benchmark assessment data for DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next, IDEL, and DDS-easyCBM Math for universal screening in reading and math for grades K-6.

Progress Monitoring

Teacher and student being progress monitoring

Track students' level of performance and rate of improvement by progress monitoring with DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next and IDEL.


State Outcomes

Teachers at computer

Enter outcome measure data with custom cut-points to examine the correlation between assessment scores and performance on your State's chosen achievement test.

Student Goals

Teacher and student being instructed

Set Zones of Growth™ learning goals for students using their baseline data to determine growth compared to students with similar initial skill level.



Student playing NumberShire

NumberShire™ game-play data enables teachers to monitor student performance and make data-based instructional decisions.

Online Scoring

HiFi app on tablet

DDS-easyCBM Math is administered entirely online.

HiFi Reading™ provides touch-screen scoring for DIBELS 6th Edition Oral Reading Fluency.


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