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Data Entry

Using data to make decisions for students, EACH and ALL.

Easy to use data entry for DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next, IDEL, progress monitoring and state outcome measures.

  • Full support of DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next, and IDEL entries.
  • Progress monitoring data entry includes an area to store instructional notes and add corresponding phase lines to graphs to track student response to instruction and intervention.
  • easyCBM Math assessment scores are automatically entered as the student takes the assessment online.
  • Track individual student record information including ID numbers, birthdates, and test scores across years.
  • Enter student scores from your state's reading outcome test and see how they correlate to student scores on DIBELS.
  • Learn more about data entry features in our Account Features Video

For more information, please see the complete description of the DIBELS Data System.