Billing Information

Vendor name and contact information

Vendor name:  University of Oregon
Phone: (888) 497-4290 or (541) 346-3108
Fax: (541) 346-9009

Postal mailing address is:
Center on Teaching & Learning
5292 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5292

UPS and Fed-Ex address is:
Center on Teaching & Learning
1600 Millrace Drive - Suite 207
Eugene, OR 97403

DIBELS Data System Fees

The DIBELS Data System starts at $1 per student per academic year. Our basic service includes data entry and reporting for both reading and math measures. All DIBELS Data System accounts include free technical support. New accounts will be invoiced a $200 account set-up fee prior to account activation. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. All revenue is reinvested back into research and customer support.

Note that the fee applies only to student records that have at least one data point entered. If you add a student record but the student is not assessed, there is no charge for that student.

We offer free professional development accounts for instructors who wish to use the DIBELS Data System as a teaching tool in their courses.

Invoice Process

Invoices are sent to the district address listed on your Billing Agreement. If additional students are added to your account after you are invoiced, you may receive a second invoice. A purchase order (PO) is not required for our billing process; however, many districts require one to secure funds. We are happy to accommodate your requirements and will include the PO number on invoices when possible. If your PO requires a signature or you need additional contract paperwork approved, please send as early as possible to allow ample time to work though the University’s review and signature process. We recommend speaking with your accounting department about their requirements.

Invoices include all schools in the district’s account and all grade levels unless other arrangements are made. Requests to send separate invoices to each school and/or split invoices by grade-level should be submitted by the district coordinator or billing contact to

We can also arrange for payment of particular schools or districts to a project or other agency. Please send information about the paying agency and the schools and grades that will be covered to


Payment by check or money order should be made out to University of Oregon and mailed to

Center on Teaching & Learning
5292 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5292

Please include your invoice number on your payment.

Payment by credit card is available through a secure online bill pay page at:

Electronic payment with ACH (domestic) or Wire Transfer (international) is also available. Please call us to arrange a transaction.

Changes to billing agreement

Please contact us if you need to make changes to your billing information. We will require a new copy of our Billing Agreement when there is a change in address.

Taxes and W-9 Form

A copy of our W-9 form is available for download.