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Pricing Information

UO DIBELS Data System

Price: $1 Per Student Per Year

DIBELS Data System Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Reporting Service

  • Benchmark Data Entry and Reporting. Data entry and reports are available for a three-time-per-year assessment schedule. Many types of reports are available. Depending on the type of report, the information can be analyzed on a district, school, class, or student level. The DDS supports benchmark testing for the following assessments:
    • DIBELS 6th Edition
    • DIBELS Next
    • IDEL
    • easyCBM Math
  • DIBELS Progress Monitoring Data Entry and Reporting. Individual students who are not meeting benchmark goals can be assessed more often and have their data tracked for no additional charge. This service is available for DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next, and IDEL.

NOTE: Data System Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Data Entry and Reporting Services are FREE for IDEL accounts. Some report types may not be available.

All DIBELS Data System fees are used exclusively to support further research and education.

DIBELS 6th and IDEL Testing Materials

Price: Free Download

  • Download the DIBELS 6th Edition and IDEL benchmark and progress monitoring assessments for free from this website on our download page.

  • You only pay for your printing and photocopy costs, and can use the assessments with as many students as you wish. The DIBELS materials are not in the public domain, but are free for educational use (see page 5 of the Administration and Scoring Guide for the Educational Use Agreement).