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Frequently Asked Questions

General Data System

  1. Do I need to renew my account each year?
  2. What is your vendor name and contact information?
  3. How can I get a copy of your W-9?
  4. What if I can log into the system, but no information is available?
  5. How do I handle returning students who have switched grades or been retained?
  6. Can I add a class for a reading group or small group?
  7. How do I add math classes?
  8. How do I add students to classes?
  9. How do I add students to a math class?
  10. How do I change student information and class location?
  11. How do I change the grade level of a class or student?
  12. How do I delete a class?
  13. Can I hide classes?
  14. How do I delete a student record?
  15. How do I combine duplicate student records?
  16. What if the year I need is not available on the Data Entry page?
  17. What if no classes are active on the Data Entry page?
  18. How do I enter progress monitoring scores?
  19. How do I enter out-of-grade scores?
  20. How do I move a student to a different school for the new year?
  21. What if a student doesn't show up on the Migration menu?
  22. What if I migrated students but they don't show up on the Data Entry page?
  23. What should I do if I get an error message during the import?

HiFi Reading

  1. Do I need a DDS account to use HiFi tablet scoring?
  2. If I use HiFi Reading do I have to buy or print any materials?
  3. How do I turn on Hifi Reading in my DDS account?


  1. How do I turn on NumberShire in my DDS account?
  2. How to enable NumberShire for my students?
  3. If I use NumberShire do I have to buy or print any materials?

DIBELS Assessment

  1. Where can I get the DIBELS materials and scoring guide?
  2. Can DIBELS scores be used on report cards?
  3. What citation should I use for DIBELS?
  4. Can DIBELS be used with non-native English speakers?
  5. Is there a Spanish version of DIBELS?
  6. Can DIBELS be used with students in special education?
  7. Do I need to keep testing students who score at Benchmark?
  8. Where can I find PSF progress monitoring materials for 1st grade?
  9. Where can I find NWF progress monitoring materials for Kindergarten?
  10. Why are there no LNF progress monitoring materials?
  11. What do I do if I run out of progress monitoring probes?
  12. Can we use old progress monitoring probes for practice?
  13. How do I get trained to administer DIBELS?
  14. How do I score a student who finishes before the full minute is up?
  15. Can a student use a ruler or other tracking device to mark their spot on a probe?
  16. PSF - Can you repeat a word on PSF if a student asks you to?
  17. NWF - How do I score a student who responds with individual sounds and a blend?
  18. NWF - Should I teach nonsense words to students?
  19. ORF - If a student repeatedly reads a word incorrectly, is it marked wrong every time?
  20. ORF - What do I do if a student skips an entire line when reading?
  21. ORF - How do I score proper nouns?
  22. ORF - Do I need to give all three ORF passages?
  23. ORF - Should the tester or student read the title of the passage?
  24. Do you have a tablet version of the DIBELS assessments?

easyCBM Math Assessment

  1. What is the format of the test questions? Can I preview them?
  2. Is there a paper version we can print and administer to students without using a computer?
  3. What are the benchmark goals for the easyCBM math assessment?
  4. How often are the math assessments given?
  5. Do we have to give the math assessments on the same testing schedule that we administer the DIBELS reading assessments?
  6. Are there progress monitoring materials for easyCBM Math?
  7. Can a student use a calculator?
  8. Can an adult click answers for students taking the math assessment?