COVID-19 and Our Services

We're Here to Support You!

The DIBELS Data System is operational and our Customer Support Team is available to answer your questions during our regular business hours. The best way to contact us is at or 888-497-4290.

Faxed documents will be delayed, so please consider emailing them instead.

We know the health of your students, staff and community are your top priority. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

DIBELS Guidance during the COVID-19 Crisis from the DIBELS 8 Team

DIBELS Testing Advice

Advice for DIBELS Data System users and others who have downloaded DIBELS 8th Edition on how to navigate this year’s modified school schedules and DIBELS 8 testing.

DIBELS 8 Administration Supplement for Remote Testing

This guide includes general guidelines for DIBELS Data System (DDS) users and others who use DIBELS 8 on how to navigate remote testing. These guidelines are intended to help you achieve as close to a standard administration as possible, however please keep in mind that there is no way to achieve a perfectly standardized administration remotely.

We have created files with just the end of year student materials to help streamline remote testing. They can be downloaded on our materials page.

Schools using DIBELS 8th Edition through our partner, Amplify, can find information specific to using mCLASS here.

Free Remote Professional Development

We are offering free access to our DIBELS Training Courses during this time of remote learning. Offer ends on Sept 30, 2020. DDS users contact us to have the course enabled in your data system account. Non-DDS users, sign up for access.

ECRI Use in Response to COVID

ECRI authors provide guidance on ways ECRI instruction might continue in the midst of COVID–19.