Announcing DIBELS 8th Edition from the University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning, the official home of DIBELS®.

We are delighted to affirm that the University of Oregon is the official and only authorized home of DIBELS and our launch of DIBELS 8th Edition represents our continued commitment to providing evidence based assessments, reporting, coaching and interventions as part of the College of Education's education extension mission.

Why does it matter that we are the official home of DIBELS?

DIBELS was first developed at UO and UO researchers have been conducting DIBELS research since the mid-1990’s. UO CTL’s world-renowned researchers have been developing the new and improved DIBELS 8th Edition for years to bring you the best measures ever. In fact, DIBELS 8th Edition is more useful for more students in more grades than ever before. For instance, the newest version, DIBELS 8th Edition, will do the following:

  • Screen students at risk for reading disabilities including dyslexia.
  • Support monitoring growth of all students.
  • Provide instructionally relevant data on all students in Grades K – 8.

For title 1 schools, special education programs, and those that support students at risk for dyslexia, and anyone focused on improving literacy for all students, DIBELS 8th Edition is the least invasive, and one of the most effective screening tools available. Trust UO CTL's scientific evidence, research-based practices, and decades of experience in teaching and learning to develop a program that works best for your school.

Why should I use DIBELS 8th Edition?

DIBELS 8th Edition improves upon existing DIBELS measures in several ways:

  • Expanded grades cover Kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Improved consistency within grade levels
  • New and revised sub-tests using advanced test design
  • Validation as a dyslexia screener
  • Equated scoring across forms provides the most accurate and sensitive growth data
  • Brand new maze measures
  • New composite scores
  • Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) assessment requires only one passage per benchmark period

Learn more about What’s New in DIBELS 8th Edition.

Is DIBELS 8th Edition replacing DIBELS Next and DIBELS 6th Edition?

There will be a short transition period during which DIBELS 6th Edition, DIBELS Next, and DIBELS 8th Edition can all be used.

Where can I get DIBELS 8th Edition?

The University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning is the official home of DIBELS 8th Edition, the best-available tool for testing the efficacy of literacy instruction and programs.

DIBELS 8th Edition materials are available now as a free download. Pre-printed materials will be available for purchase on the CTL Marketplace in fall.

Will Data System Service be available?

Yes, the UO CTL DIBELS Data System (DDS) will begin supporting DIBELS 8th Edition in fall 2018-19. The DDS will offer the most popular reports initially with a full menu of reporting options to be implemented over the course of the following academic year.

How much will it cost?

We are offering a new assessment package, DIBELS 8th Edition, for $1 per student during the 2018-19 school year. This is an introductory price and includes a credit that can be applied towards your 2019-20 data system service.

Can DIBELS 8th Edition be administered on a tablet?

UO CTL is excited to announce that we are working with Amplify, a next-generation curriculum and assessment company, to offer the mobile version of DIBELS 8th Edition on mCLASS. UO CTL and Amplify will be announcing a launch date later this fall. Amplify will be a major research and dissemination partner with UO CTL and we will work together closely to provide DIBELS 8th Edition data system support.

As part of UO CTL’s ongoing research and development, we plan to conduct a validation study of DIBELS 8th Edition on HiFi Reading. As such, schools may participate in this 2018-19 validation study. Learn more.

Where can I learn more?

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