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Website Redesign Announcement


Change can be hard. We know! But we hope that the changes we made to the DDS Website make your time here easier and more enjoyable.

This is the first step in a multi-stage project in bringing you a better user experience. Below is a list of benefits we think you'll like about the redesign:

  • Easier to navigate
  • New and updated research materials
  • Dedicated training section
  • Self-help resources and FAQ
  • Focus on accessibility and meeting Section 508 guidelines
  • Better site search

New Features

Besides just an updated look this redesign offers some new enhancements and features to make your tasks easier and faster to complete.

  • Home Page: The home page serves as a messaging center for news and announcements, popular links, and important information.
  • User Dashboard: Once logged in, the User Dashboard offers one-click access to common tasks, system messages, and DDS account tools.
  • Research Section: The Research page contains the latest research papers, briefs and projects being conducted on DIBELS and other assessments.
  • Training Section: The Training page is your go-to-spot for the latest in training materials for DIBELS and other assessments.
  • About Us: Get to know us, our history and meet the DDS team.
  • Help Section: The Help page is where you can find self-help resources, our contact information and FAQs. We're here to support you!

Where are things?

Feeling lost? Don't know where something went? Check out the FAQs below to find out what changed and where you can find the new features. If you still can't find your way, try searching the site by keyword or URL or give us call and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

Where is the Resources Page?

Our Resources Page became so large that we reorganized it into Research, Training and Help Pages. This allows us to group similar topics together and make information easier to find.


Look here for Research References, Technical Reports, Field Studies, and Technical Briefs about DIBELS, IDEL and easyCBM Math.  This page also contains new information about our Sentinel Schools Project.


Our Training page is the place to go for information about DIBELS, IDEL, and the easyCBM Math Assessment Measure Descriptions and Administration Information. You can find links to Download the 6th Edition and IDEL Measures and the Benchmark Goals for 6th Edition, DIBELS Next and IDEL on this page. The Training page is also the place to find our Curriculum Maps and information on the Schoolwide Model and Big Ideas in Beginning Reading.


Information specific to the DIBELS Data System is located on the Help page.  This includes System Descriptions, Sample Reports, Billing Information, Quick Start Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and Video Demonstrations

Where is that Administration Feature?

We have moved a few of the most commonly accessed administration features from the Administration Page to the Home Page: User Dashboard that you will see when you first sign into your account. You can return to the User Dashboard page at any time by clicking on the Home tab while signed in.

User Account Information: username, email and the Edit Personal Information feature. Your Account Type and Access Level will also be displayed in this section.

District Information: District name, District Contact Information, Privacy Policy and the DIBELS Data System Agreement are all located here.

District Status: This replaces the System Status feature and displays information about your schools, classes and students.

Where is the Materials Download Login?

Materials Download users login on the home page, in the Data System Login box. Once logged in, you will be forwarded to the Materials download page.


We want to know what you think about the redesign, the site in general, and other feedback that could help us in the next phases of the Website updates.

Drop us an email with your comments: