Schoolwide Model: Leadership

Strong instructional leadership maintains a focus on high-quality instruction, organizes and allocates resources to support reading, and establishes mechanisms to communicate reading progress and practices.

  • Administrators or the leadership team are knowledgeable of state standards, priority reading skills and strategies, assessment measures and practices, and instructional programs and materials.

  • Administrators or the leadership team work with staff to create a coherent plan for reading instruction and implement practices to attain school reading goals.

  • Administrators or the leadership team maximize and protect instructional time and organize resources and personnel to support reading instruction, practice, and assessment.

  • Grade-level teams are established and supported to analyze reading performance and plan instruction.

  • Concurrent instruction (e.g., Title, special education) is coordinated with and complementary to general education reading instruction.

  • A communication plan for reporting and sharing student performance with teachers, parents, and school, district, and state administrators is in place.

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The Schoolwide Model

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