Schoolwide Model: Why Use It?

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The Schoolwide Model is designed to take what we know from scientifically-based reading research and translate it into effective reading practices.

The overall goal of the Schoolwide Model is to:

"Build the capacity, communication, and commitment to ensure that all children are readers by Grade 3".

  • Building capacity means creating the infrastructure and systems schoolwide that can support and sustain effective reading practices for all students.
  • Building communication means developing a common language surrounding beginning reading and establishing channels of communication schoolwide, among teachers and administrators, and across classrooms and grades.
  • Building commitment means developing a consensus that beginning reading is the top priority schoolwide and dedicating the resources necessary to meet the goal of ensuring that all children are readers by grade 3.

This graphic represents the critical dimensions of the Schoolwide Beginning Reading Model:

  • The top of the triangle represents differentiated and individualized instruction for each student through the use of ongoing progress monitoring and instructional adjustments.
  • The base of the triangle represents a schoolwide framework or infrastructure that supports comprehensive and coordinated reading goals, assessment and instruction for all students.

Seven Reasons to use a Schoolwide Model

  1. Schools are "host environments" in which people, policies, and practices interact in complex ways.
  2. If change is to be sustained, it must be at the school-building level.
  3. The whole of the school is more than the sum of the individual classroom parts.
  4. A schoolwide commitment to a vision and set of strategic goals offers a coherence that is difficult to gain at the individual classroom level.
  5. A schoolwide approach to beginning reading standardizes the communication, assessment, interventions, and expectations across grades and classrooms, which helps with mobility between classrooms.
  6. A schoolwide model establishes esprit de corps and a clear identity that are important features of successful organizations.
  7. Everyone contributes their expertise, wisdom, and experience to a unified effort.

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The Schoolwide Model

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