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DIBELS 8th Edition Winter 2020 Webinar Series


Adopting DIBELS 8th Edition in Your State
Date: 3/16/20

In this webinar, State Education Agencies will learn why DIBELS 8th Edition is one of the most effective screening tools available and how it can be used to improve literacy outcomes in your state.


The Truth about DIBELS 8th Edition
Date: 2/10/20

In this webinar, learn how DIBELS 8th Edition expands on and refines features of previous DIBELS editions to become one of the most effective screening tools available.


What’s New for DIBELS 8th Edition?
Date: 3/2/20

In this webinar, we will address exciting new features for the DIBELS 8th Edition measures, including updates to cut scores based on recent research.

DIBELS 8th Edition Series

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