DIBELS Data System Moves to Amplify

Thank you for your continued use of the DIBELS® Data System. We are pleased to let you know that we have entered into an arrangement with Amplify to operate the DIBELS Data System (DDS).

UO and Amplify are working closely together to continue providing a high level of service and to ensure your service remains uninterrupted. Access the DIBELS Data System and check out the DDS FAQs on DDS at Amplify

The University of Oregon’s Center on Teaching and Learning maintains ownership of the DIBELS assessments, and we are committed to continuing to research and develop high-quality tools for universal and dyslexia screening. This website (dibels.uoregon.edu) will be your source for information about that research and professional development opportunities, as well as free downloads of DIBELS 8th Edition and IDEL testing materials and resources.

Thank you for your loyalty and partnership.

Go to DDS at Amplify!