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Grade 3-6 Comprehension Assessment Research Opportunity

April, 2021

University of Oregon is seeking participants to continue research for improving and innovating reading comprehension assessment. Participating schools will receive immediate diagnostic information about their students' reading comprehension. If interested, click here.

DIBELS Data System operations move to Amplify

February, 2021

Thank you for your continued use of the DIBELS® Data System. We are pleased to let you know that in addition to our existing partnership with Amplify to deliver DIBELS, we have also entered into an arrangement with Amplify to operate the DIBELS Data System (DDS). We are working with Amplify to ensure that a high level of service will be provided and there will be no interruptions to your service.

The University of Oregon’s Center for Teaching and Learning maintains ownership of the DIBELS assessments, and we are committed to continuing to research and develop high-quality tools for universal and dyslexia screening.

A few notes:

  • Amplify will be reaching out to you via email as well and will be posting FAQs
  • Through June 2021, the DDS system, phone and email lines you are using to contact DDS support now will remain the same
  • Many of the staff who you work with at DDS will be employed by Amplify in order to ensure uninterrupted service

We are really looking forward to continued partnership with Amplify and together we are committed to support you and your staff members that utilize DDS. If you have questions, please check out the DDS FAQs on the Amplify DDS page. Thank you for your loyalty and partnership.

DIBELS 8th Edition Materials Update

In response to increased remote testing and recent events, we have a couple of new options for administration that we want to share with you.

  • We have created a set of fillable Maze forms that allow responses to be selected and saved electronically on the PDF. We hope this will improve the usability and ease of assessing Maze remotely with your students. Directions and forms are posted on our Materials Download Page.
  • DIBELS 8th Edition includes a fifth-grade informational ORF passage for beginning of year on the topic of breathing. Given recent events with which our society is still dealing, we recognize that the first two sentences may invoke strong, emotional responses among teachers and students. As a result, we suggest one of the following accommodations:
  1. have the student skip the first paragraph and adjust your scoring accordingly.
  2. have students read Progress Monitoring (PM) passage #15 instead. DDS users should be sure to enter the form number used when entering their data.

To ease administration, we have created an updated student copy of the benchmark passage that removes the first paragraph and have added a stand-alone copy of the student and scoring pages for PM #15. Both are available for download on our Materials Download Page.

We know this is a challenging time and want to provide the best support possible for you and your students. If you have thoughts on other adjustments that could improve your experience using DIBELS this year, we'd love to hear your ideas.

The DIBELS Data System Team

Back to School DIBELS Updates

We’ve been busy here at the University of Oregon creating materials and resources to help set schools up for success this coming year. Here are some of the highlights we want to share with you:

  • DIBELS assessment guidance for beginning of year, including remote testing options, can be accessed on our covid resources page.
  • We’ve added an optional data entry field to DDS to allow you to indicate if an assessment was administered remotely. You can view that indicator on the Class List Report.
  • As part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of DIBELS 8th edition, we have used data collected during the 2019-20 year to adjust the benchmark goals to make them even better at identifying students at risk of reading difficulty. Read more about them and download the updated goals on our DIBELS 8 Goals page.
  • We have also identified areas where the gating rule constants could be adjusted to better compute composite scores for students who do not take all the measures. The updated constants are included in our new Composite Score Calculation Guide.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the research behind DIBELS 8, you can access the full technical report and supplement on our DIBELS 8 Research page.
  • Zones of Growth (ZoG) has been expanded for DIBELS 8 to include both composite scores and individual measures. Learn more about ZoG.
  • Our free online training course offer was extended through end of September. DDS customers can contact us to request access through their account. Educators without an account can sign up using our online training form.

We hope these resources are helpful and wish you a smooth and safe start of the school year. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

The DIBELS Data System Team

Free DIBELS 8th Edition Webinar Series Winter 2020

Webinar 1: The Truth about DIBELS 8th Edition

Date: 2/10/20

Time: 2-3 pm Pacific Time

Presenters: Nancy Nelson, Gina Biancarosa, Hank Fien


DIBELS 8th Edition is the culmination of two years of innovative measure development and study resulting in a new and improved DIBELS that is more useful for more students in more grades than ever before. Join us for this enlightening presentation during which the researchers behind DIBELS 8th Edition, Dr. Gina Biancarosa, Dr. Hank Fien, and Dr. Nancy Nelson, will share an overview of DIBELS 8th Edition and will describe results from studies to validate the measures.

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • What’s behind the DIBELS 8th Edition?
  • What’s new in DIBELS 8th Edition?
  • What is the research to support the DIBELS 8th Edition?

In this 60-minute session learn how DIBELS 8th Edition expands on and refines features of previous DIBELS editions to become one of the most effective screening tools available. 

Webinar 2: What’s New for DIBELS 8th Edition?

Date: 3/2/20

Time: 2-3 pm Pacific Time

Presenters: Nancy Nelson, Patrick Kennedy, Hank Fien

Description: In this webinar, we will address exciting new features for the DIBELS 8th Edition measures, including updates to cut scores based on recent research.

Webinar 3: Adopting DIBELS 8th Edition in Your State

Date: 3/16/20

Time: 2-3 pm Pacific Time

Presenters: Nancy Nelson, Gina Biancarosa, Hank Fien

Description: In this webinar, State Education Agencies will learn why DIBELS 8th Edition is one of the most effective screening tools available and how it can be used to improve literacy outcomes in your state.

DIBELS Data System Research Opportunity for Grades K-8

June, 2019

Schools planning to use the DIBELS Data System during the 2019-2020 academic year have the opportunity to receive free Data System service for DIBELS measures and additional incentives for your school by participating in a research project sponsored and conducted by the Center on Teaching and Learning and the DIBELS Data System.

Participants will administer DIBELS 8th Edition measures to students during the 2019-2020 school year using the DDS HiFi Reading iPad-based app. Participating schools will also have the option to administer the Iowa Assessment of Reading in fall of 2020.

Learn more and register your school today!

DIBELS 8th Edition Introductory Webinar Recording Available

April, 2019

This webinar from January 2019 shares information about the DIBELS 8th Edition research and development process and unveils some of the exciting new features of DIBELS 8th Edition assessment.

Watch a recording of the webinar now: DIBELS 8th Edition Introductory Webinar

DIBELS 8th Edition Webinar

December, 2018

DIBELS 8th Edition is the culmination of two years of innovative measure development and study resulting in a new and improved DIBELS that is more useful for more students in more grades than ever before.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, January 16th from 10:00-11:15am Pacific Time, where we will share information about the DIBELS 8th Edition research and development process and unveil some of the exciting new features of DIBELS 8. This webinar will provide a space for you to hear directly from the DIBELS team.

You can register for the webinar at: Registration Closed

We will also post a copy of the webinar for those who are unable to attend the live event.

DIBELS 8th Edition Announcement

October, 2018

Dear DIBELS Data System Member,

Thank you for being a loyal DIBELS Data System user! The DIBELS team at the University of Oregon continues to be dedicated to your students and their academic success and have exciting updates to share with you regarding the launch of DIBELS 8th Edition.

DIBELS 8th Edition is a new and improved version of the DIBELS measures with which you are familiar. The University of Oregon’s world-renowned researchers have been working for years to improve on previous versions of DIBELS. Improvements include new grade levels, improved screening for reading difficulties such as dyslexia, and new, refined subtests. There are even more features coming soon such as equated scores, which will minimize the difference between tests to ensure even more accurate scoring and progress monitoring. Learn more about DIBELS 8th Edition here!

A recent court settlement has now clarified that the University of Oregon is the exclusive owner of the DIBELS name. Dynamic Measurement Group (DMG) must phase out their usage of the DIBELS name. You can and should continue using your current DIBELS Next, the 7th edition of DIBELS published in 2010, materials with the University of Oregon’s DIBELS Data System while planning to transition to DIBELS 8th Edition. The DIBELS Next (7th Edition) assessment has been superseded by DIBELS 8th Edition, which is now the most current, validated DIBELS measure available.

If you need additional copies of DIBELS Next (7th Edition) you should download them as soon as possible from the DMG website. Note that while the materials in this newly re-named assessment have not changed, DMG is in the process of renaming their DIBELS products because they must phase out their usage of the DIBELS name and do not have rights to the new DIBELS 8th Edition. DMG’s future assessments will not be supported or endorsed by the University of Oregon.

In the near future, we encourage you to compare DIBELS 8th Edition with other similar assessments on the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII) website and its third-party analyses of the technical adequacy of the distinctly different sets of measures. You can count on the University of Oregon to always use the most rigorous and current research methods to ensure that educators and students get what they deserve, the best evidence-based tools and technologies. The DIBELS Data System and DIBELS 8th Edition are part of the University of Oregon’s ongoing research to improve reading nationwide.

If you would like someone from the DIBELS team to contact you directly, please let us know. We look forward to helping you transition to our best assessment yet, DIBELS 8th Edition! We understand the importance of maintaining the continuity of your schools’ use of DIBELS and we are here to support you.



University of Oregon


DIBELS 8th Edition Printed Materials

September, 2018

Printed materials for DIBELS 8th Edition are now available for purchase on the CTL Marketplace.

Materials include the Administration and Scoring Guide, Student and Scoring Books. Benchmark and progress monitoring materials are available as classroom sets for grades K-8.

DIBELS 8th Edition is the best-available tool for assessing the efficacy of literacy instruction and programs. DIBELS 8th Edition is the way to know if your literacy instruction and programs work.

DIBELS® 8th Edition Data System Service

September, 2018

DIBELS Data System service is now available for DIBELS 8th Edition. Districts can enable DIBELS 8th Edition in Manage Products, enter data in Data Entry, and run an initial set of Reports. Not all features will be fully implemented this first year, but we are excited to have schools start using the new measures and to help shape the continued research and development.

DIBELS 8th Edition improves upon existing DIBELS measures in several ways and includes measures for grades 7 and 8. Materials, benchmark goals, and a technical report are all available for free download, and printed material sets will be available later this month.

Learn more today!

If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

Announcing DIBELS® 8th Edition!

August, 2018

We are delighted to affirm that the University of Oregon is the official and only authorized home of DIBELS and our launch of DIBELS 8th Edition represents our continued commitment to providing evidence based assessments, reporting, coaching and interventions as part of the College of Education's education extension mission.

DIBELS 8th Edition improves upon existing DIBELS measures in several ways and includes measures for grades 7 and 8. Materials are available for free download now, and data system service and printed material sets will be available later this fall.

Learn more today!

If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

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