DIBELS 8 Assessment Materials Updates for 2021-2022

A limited set of DIBELS 8th Edition Student Assessment Materials and Scoring Materials have been updated for 2021-2022. Apart from the Grade 5 ORF benchmark (BM) passage and the Grades 2-8 Maze progress monitoring (PM) materials, schools that have already printed their 2021-2022 materials will find that the changes are quite minor and do not necessitate re-printing. All other materials remain the same as they were last year.

Here's what has changed. We have:

  • Added four new PM passages for Maze in Grades 2 to 8 for a total of 10 per grade;
  • Made the change to the first paragraph of BOY Grade 5 ORF BM passage; and
  • Corrected minor typos in a few NWF, PSF, and ORF probes and one of the fillable PDF Maze benchmark forms.

Only two benchmark (BM) forms are affected. The Grade 1 PSF end of year form has one scoring revision. The Grade 5 ORF beginning of year passage has now permanently dropped its original opening lines—Everyone needs to breathe. If we did not breathe, we would die.—due to their potentially re-traumatizing nature.

For those using the fillable Maze BM forms only, a typo was also corrected in the Grade 2 Maze beginning of year student materials. This typo was not present in the non-fillable and scoring materials, so it only applies to those using the fillable forms.

For progress monitoring (PM), these changes affect Grade 1 PSF (2 scoring changes), Grade 2 ORF (1 typo corrected), Grade 3 NWF (1 typo and 6 scoring changes), Grade 3 ORF (one typo corrected), Grade 5 ORF (one typo corrected), and Grades 2-8 Maze where each grade now has ten passages instead of six. We have summarized the downloadable materials affected and precise changes in this summary.