Website Changes

We know change can be hard! To help you manage the changes on our website (, we've created this handy list of FAQs. 


  1. What happened to the DIBELS Data System (DDS) and HiFi Reading?
    • Amplify now operates the DIBELS Data System (DDS) and a mobile version of DIBELS 8th Edition on mCLASS. Access the DIBELS Data System and check out the DDS FAQs on Amplify's website.
  2. What about the CTL Courseware and DIBELS courses? Can I still access those?
    • Both the Full DIBELS 8th Edition Administration and Scoring Training and the Free DIBELS 8th Edition Transition Training Course are available through Amplify.
  3. Where did the CTL Marketplace go?
  4. Where can I purchase printed DIBELS 8th Edition Materials?
  5. Where can I download easyCBM, DIBELS 6th Edition and DIBELS Next materials?
    • We are no longer supporting those assessments. Contact our partners at Amplify and BRT for their reading and math assessment options.
  6. Where can I pay my DDS bill?
    • Contact us to pay past due (prior to 2021) DDS invoices from University of Oregon.