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Participate in a Study Developing a New Diagnostic Reading Comprehension Assessment

November, 2016

CTL researchers are developing an innovative reading comprehension assessment called the Multiple-choice Online Causal Comprehension Assessment (MOCCA).

MOCCA is a web-based assessment that identifies why students comprehend text poorly and provides instructionally relevant results that help teachers determine the comprehension needs of their students. Learn more by watching this video:

We are looking to recruit nationally for Grade 3-5 students to take our measure once during January-March 2017. Interested district or school leaders and teachers can communicate their interest by completing a brief survey at:

More questions? Contact us via email ( or phone our Project Coordinator Cindy Sprague (541-346-8362).

Efficiently create student groups to teach specific skills.

October, 2016

The Instructional Grouping Report provides a strategy for education professionals to sort their students based on a pattern of performance on two or more DIBELS assessments.

Instructional groupings should be thought of as initial recommendations and the report is responsive, allowing teachers to move students between groups based on additional information and classroom resources. View a sample report.

Instructional Grouping Worksheets are also available for those who prefer to manually create groupings.

Communicate with parents about student goals and progress.

October, 2016

We added a Parent Report to DDS to facilitate communication with parents about their student's goals and progress.

The Parent Report includes all benchmark assessment scores across all measures in both literacy and math for a single year. Individual student goals set using the Zones of Growth feature are also included.

The Parent Report is available in both English and Spanish. View a sample report.

Setting and evaluating learning goals for each student can be challenging.

October, 2016

The DIBELS Data System Zones of Growth feature provides educators with an easy, empirically based way to set individualized student literacy goals and evaluate students' progress towards those goals.

Zones of Growth combines students' baseline performance on key DIBELS measures with normative data regarding average and above-average growth for students with similar initial skill level to help teachers set ambitious, yet realistic learning goals for students.

Learn More.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

July, 2016

Great new products and programs this year. Including:

easyCBM Reading & Math

  • K-6 online assessment including reading comprehension
  • Benchmark and Progress Monitoring
  • Students are automatically enabled for benchmark assessment
  • Only $3 per student per year

Moving Up! Literacy & Mathematics

  • Purchase as preprinted or PDF downloads from the CTL Marketplace.
  • Spanish versions are also available

Coming Soon

  • Expanded HiFi Reading tablet scoring for DIBELS 6th Edition
  • HiFi Reading tablet scoring for easyCBM
  • Moving Up! Implementation Coach iOS App
  • Promoting Algebra Readiness middle school math program

If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

We're here to support you!

New DDS Reports for Goal Setting and Instructional Planning

May, 2016

The Center on Teaching and Learning is working with researchers at the Florida Center for Reading Research to develop reports that help teachers and administrators set goals and plan instruction.

Thank you for your feedback. It will be used to help us revise and refine the new reports.

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