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DIBELS 8th Edition Announcement

October, 2018

Dear DIBELS Data System Member,

Thank you for being a loyal DIBELS Data System user! The DIBELS team at the University of Oregon continues to be dedicated to your students and their academic success and have exciting updates to share with you regarding the launch of DIBELS 8th Edition.

DIBELS 8th Edition is a new and improved version of the DIBELS measures with which you are familiar. The University of Oregon’s world-renowned researchers have been working for years to improve on previous versions of DIBELS. Improvements include new grade levels, improved screening for reading difficulties such as dyslexia, and new, refined subtests. There are even more features coming soon such as equated scores, which will minimize the difference between tests to ensure even more accurate scoring and progress monitoring. Learn more about DIBELS 8th Edition here!

A recent court settlement has now clarified that the University of Oregon is the exclusive owner of the DIBELS name. Dynamic Measurement Group (DMG) must phase out their usage of the DIBELS name. You can and should continue using your current DIBELS Next, the 7th edition of DIBELS published in 2010, materials with the University of Oregon’s DIBELS Data System while planning to transition to DIBELS 8th Edition. The DIBELS Next (7th Edition) assessment has been superseded by DIBELS 8th Edition, which is now the most current, validated DIBELS measure available.

If you need additional copies of DIBELS Next (7th Edition) you should download them as soon as possible from the DMG website. Note that while the materials in this newly re-named assessment have not changed, DMG is in the process of renaming their DIBELS products because they must phase out their usage of the DIBELS name and do not have rights to the new DIBELS 8th Edition. DMG’s future assessments will not be supported or endorsed by the University of Oregon.

In the near future, we encourage you to compare DIBELS 8th Edition with other similar assessments on the National Center for Intensive Intervention (NCII) website and its third-party analyses of the technical adequacy of the distinctly different sets of measures. You can count on the University of Oregon to always use the most rigorous and current research methods to ensure that educators and students get what they deserve, the best evidence-based tools and technologies. The DIBELS Data System and DIBELS 8th Edition are part of the University of Oregon’s ongoing research to improve reading nationwide.

If you would like someone from the DIBELS team to contact you directly, please let us know. We look forward to helping you transition to our best assessment yet, DIBELS 8th Edition! We understand the importance of maintaining the continuity of your schools’ use of DIBELS and we are here to support you.



University of Oregon


DIBELS 8th Edition Printed Materials

September, 2018

Printed materials for DIBELS 8th Edition are now available for purchase on the CTL Marketplace.

Materials include the Administration and Scoring Guide, Student and Scoring Books. Benchmark and progress monitoring materials are available as classroom sets for grades K-8.

DIBELS 8th Edition is the best-available tool for assessing the efficacy of literacy instruction and programs. DIBELS 8th Edition is the way to know if your literacy instruction and programs work.

Order Now!

DIBELS® 8th Edition Data System Service

September, 2018

DIBELS Data System service is now available for DIBELS 8th Edition. Districts can enable DIBELS 8th Edition in Manage Products, enter data in Data Entry, and run an initial set of Reports. Not all features will be fully implemented this first year, but we are excited to have schools start using the new measures and to help shape the continued research and development.

DIBELS 8th Edition improves upon existing DIBELS measures in several ways and includes measures for grades 7 and 8. Materials, benchmark goals, and a technical report are all available for free download, and printed material sets will be available later this month.

Learn more today!

If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

Announcing DIBELS® 8th Edition!

August, 2018

We are delighted to affirm that the University of Oregon is the official and only authorized home of DIBELS and our launch of DIBELS 8th Edition represents our continued commitment to providing evidence based assessments, reporting, coaching and interventions as part of the College of Education's education extension mission.

DIBELS 8th Edition improves upon existing DIBELS measures in several ways and includes measures for grades 7 and 8. Materials are available for free download now, and data system service and printed material sets will be available later this fall.

Learn more today!

If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

Welcome Back to School!

July, 2018

We are excited to let you know about some new updates to the DIBELS Data System.

  • The Add New User feature now sends automated emails to alert users of their username and a temporary password for activation, making account creation easier than ever.
  • Data Entry now includes optional entry of assessment dates for improved data collection.  
  • The Moved Out feature has moved to the Manage Classes/Class Detail page so you can manage rosters all in one spot.

We hope these updates improve your user experience. Stay tuned for more announcements this fall. If you have any questions, contact us at: or 888-497-4290.

Free 2018-19 DIBELS Data System!

July, 2018

All schools planning to use the DIBELS Data System during the 2018-2019 academic year have the opportunity to receive free Data System service for DIBELS and additional incentives for your school by participating in an assessment development project sponsored and conducted by the DIBELS Data System.

Participants will administer new measures to students during the 2018-19 school year using the DDS HiFi Reading iPad-based app. Participating schools will also choose at least one additional assessment activity.

Learn more and register your school today

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