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Updated Security on DDS

April 10, 2014

We are requiring all DDS users to change their passwords as an additional security precaution in response to the recently discovered Internet security vulnerability known as Heartbleed. We understand this may be an inconvenience, but protection of your confidential data is our top priority. You may have already heard on the national news of this vulnerability affecting the majority of Web servers, including major providers such as Google and Yahoo. The DIBELS Data System programming team was alerted to this issue on April 7th and fixed the problem within 24 hours on both the DIBELS Data System and DDS-easyCBM Math assessment system. As far as we can determine, no data in the DDS have been compromised or breached. However, if you have reason to believe that there are issues with the security of your DDS data, please let us know ASAP.

NCII Ratings for CTL Marketplace Products

April 2014

The NCII at American Institutes for Research (AIR) encourages schools and districts to use data-based, individualized instruction in reading, math, and behavior, especially with students who struggle academically. To support the use of research-based programs, the NCII conducts a review of the technical quality and rigor of studies investigating the effectiveness of submitted programs. Specifically, the NCII evaluates the research about programs, not the programs’ instructional design. The reviews include summary information about the program, and ratings on the quality of five research components: participants, research design, fidelity of implementation, targeted outcome measures, and broader outcome measures. Each of these components receives a rating of “convincing evidence,” “partially convincing evidence,” “unconvincing evidence,” or “data unavailable.” CTL Marketplace products received many “convincing evidence” ratings. 

Studies about the following CTL Marketplace programs were reviewed by NCII:

Across studies of the four programs, a total of 20 components were evaluated (e.g., five research components per program). Seventeen of the twenty components were rated as having “convincing evidence,” two were rated as having “partially convincing evidence,” and one was rated as “data unavailable”.

Please visit the NCII website for more information about the technical review process and results. Visit the CTL Marketplace for more information on CTL Marketplace products.

NEW Math Intervention Programs for Kindergarten and First Grade!

Febuary 2014

Achievement gaps in the early academic years have a significant impact on long-term achievement. Whole Number Foundations Level K and Whole Number Foundations Level 1 are Tier 2 interventions designed to address challenges that many at-risk kindergarten and first-grade students face in developing mathematics concepts and skills. Carefully sequenced, structured lessons are delivered in small groups, increasing students’ confidence and success. Rigorous research results from IES-funded studies of both programs show positive impacts on student achievement.

Whole Number Foundations Level K features 50 twenty-minute lessons that provide students with a thorough understanding of whole numbers through 20.

Whole Number Foundations Level 1 features 60 thirty-minute lessons that are built to target four essential learning strands: Place value, number combinations, multi-digit operations of addition and subtraction, and problem solving.

Studies of the research versions of the programs (i.e., ROOTS and FUSION) have been reviewed by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII). We are very pleased that nearly all aspects of these studies received “convincing evidence” ratings.

To place an order or for more information, please visit Whole Number Foundations Level K and Whole Number Foundations Level 1.

NEW Reading Intervention Program

November 2013

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction is a multi-tiered program featuring a series of teaching routines designed to increase the effectiveness of reading instruction in kindergarten, first and second grade. The routines, detailed in professional development books, are used to enhance the instruction associated with ANY core reading program. Enhanced Core Reading Instruction also offers materials that may be used with specific core reading programs including Journeys Common Core 2014, Journeys 2011, Reading Street Common Core 2013, and Reading Street 2011. These materials are for both Tier 1 enhancement and Tier 2 intervention.

Unlike many Tier 2 intervention programs, the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction materials are highly aligned with the core reading program. The Tier 2 intervention pre-teaches the content of the core reading program to increase students' success and confidence during Tier 1 instruction. Developed by researchers at the Center on Teaching and Learning, Enhanced Core Reading Instruction has been rigorously studied in nearly 50 elementary schools with hundreds of classrooms, and thousands of students. High-quality studies have demonstrated substantive improvements in the reading achievement of at-risk first-grades.

To place an order or for more information, please visit Enhanced Core Reading Instruction.

CTL Marketplace

September 2013

The CTL Marketplace has been created to bring you reliable products based on the most rigorous research available in education. These products are designed for K-6 and focus on multi-tiered mathematics and literacy instruction and assessment.

Visit our new Marketplace for a preview of upcoming products and to sign up to receive email updates when new products are released.

DIBELS Measures not Designed for Evaluation of Teachers or Principals

May 2013

The DIBELS measures were designed and validated as assessment tools for universal screening and progress monitoring. Recently, some for-profit companies have begun promoting the use of the DIBELS measures to evaluate teachers and principals.

Our position is that this approach represents an inappropriate use of DIBELS and undermines the basis on which these types of measures were developed. There is no rigorous research supporting the use of these measures in this way.

Although, we agree that the education field needs better measures and methods to improve accountability and teacher evaluation procedures, we are concerned that companies are using DIBELS in ways that are potentially reckless and not based on the available science.

Read the complete Position Statement that explains our findings and those of other agencies supporting this position.

Make the Most of Your Data with DIBELS Data System Reports

May 2013

Based on user feedback, including recommendations from our most recent customer satisfaction survey, we have improved the DDS Reports page with features that help in selecting reports, including a new "Report Favorites" tool. In our latest webinar you can learn about these updates and get an overview of the Summary of Effectiveness Report to determine student growth.

A recorded version of the webinar is available for viewing.

For more information, email us at

Recommended Benchmark Goals: Reliable Screening for More Accurate Results!

December 2012

UO CTL researchers have applied rigorous research methods to a nationally representative sample resulting in new recommendations for DIBELS Next benchmark goals. The new and improved goals more accurately identify students who need additional support to become proficient readers. We are the #1 public university for conducting rigorous education research. You can trust our research!

For more information see the DIBELS Next Recommended Goals Page.

Online Math Assessment with Reports linked to the Common Core State Standards

July 2012

The DIBELS Data System will continue to offer the online easyCBM Math benchmark assessment during the 2012-13 school year. You'll notice some exciting changes to the assessment and administration, and to our reporting features. We think you will find these changes beneficial to the screening process and in linking the results to instructional decisions.

Please consult our easyCBM Math Update document for more information.

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