DIBELS 8th Edition Materials

Administration Guides

DIBELS 8th Edition Administration and Scoring Guide

This manual includes information about DIBELS 8, how DIBELS 8 differs from previous editions of DIBELS, how to administer and score DIBELS 8 subtests, and how to use DIBELS 8 data to inform instructional decision-making.

Experimental Subtest Materials

Experimental Subtest materials still under development. Data entry and reporting not available.

Encoding: Grade K-1

Includes: Student materials and scoring guides.

FSI: Grade K

Includes: Student materials and scoring guides.

Testing Resources

Student benchmark goals for all grades.

This document supplements the DIBELS 8th Edition Administration and Scoring Guide.

This timeline shows the administration periods for each of the DIBELS 8th Edition measures.

This document describes the differences in administrating and scoring DIBELS 8th Edition compared to previous editions.

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CTL’s development partner, Amplify (amplify.com), provides DIBELS 8th Edition printed kits, as well as DIBELS 8th Edition administration on its mClass platform and through the DIBELS Data System. The PDF of DIBELS 8th Edition currently provided is for your use in pencil and paper or as a static PDF on your electronic devices. The DIBELS Materials are made available as a research courtesy "as is" with no representations or warranties. Your use of the DIBELS Materials is at your sole risk.